Sainte Roseline

Château Sainte Roseline is a former monastery founded in the 12th century by a hermit named Roubaud.

Roseline was the prioress of the abbey from 1300 to 1329. She was known by locals for her generosity and her devotion to the Catholic religion. Roseline was sanctified in the 19th century. Her body now rests in the chapel of the Castle in a crystal communal shrine.

In the 14th century, the site became one of the first vineyards in the region of Provence. In 1955, the terroir of Château Sainte Roseline was awarded with the distinction “Cru Classé”. The clay, the limestone soils and the spring source in Chateau Roseline make great wines.

In 1994, Bernard Teillaud became the owner of the castle, with the objective of preserving the castle’s charm and building it as an artistic site.

Today, Château Sainte Roseline has nearly 108 acres where grow 11 different grape varieties.