Château Minuty

Belonging to the Matton-Farnet family for 80 years, Château Minuty is a 70 hectares family run wine estate located in southern France’s Provence region, overlooking the Saint-Tropez peninsula and producing high quality rosé wines (85% of its production being rose). The estate was built under Napoleon III and acquired by Gabriel Farnet in 1930 who then replanted vines on the entire domain. In 1955, Chateau Minuty became one of 23 Cru Classe producers in Cote de Provence appellation. Gabriel’s daughter, Monique Farnet, teamed up with her husband -Etienne Matton- and took the wine production over in 1960. The estate was then passed on to Jean-Etienne and Francois Matton in 1990. Following in their parents’ footsteps, the brothers confidently move Minuty into the future.

The grapes from Château Minuty wines are entirely hand picked, ensuring that they arrive at the cellars in perfect condition. After a gentle crushing, they are immediately cooled to a very low temperature and inert gases are injected to prevent oxidation, an occurrence that could cause an irreversible loss of flavor and structure. Juices then go through cutting-edge pneumatic presses where they are first carefully drained, then pressed at low pressure allowing their full expression to be extracted. After a long, low temperature fermentation enabling the wine to reach its full aromatic potential and finesse, it is racked then gradually decanted over winter. Next the blending period begins in which the characteristics of the vintage and the varietals are paired together to produce Chateau Minuty’s various prestigious cuvees like Cuvee 281, Rose et Or.

Sourced from the finest terroirs found under the “Côtes de Provence” classification, the wines marketed under the Minuty S.A. label lie M de Minuty originate entirely from winemakers selected for their vineyard’s quality and terroir. In order to ensure that these partners coincide perfectly with Minuty’s style, each of them meticulously respect strict specifications put in place by François and Jean-Etienne Matton.