Champagne Egly-Ouriet

Family owned Domaine for 4 generations which became one of the most acclaimed Champagne Growers of his generation. Egly Ouriet Grand Cru Vineyard of 9.70 ha is located on the Terroirs of Ambonnay (7.80 ha), Bouzy (0.30 ha) and Verzenay (1.60 ha). The average age of the vineyards is close to 40 years. Egly Ouriet light soils are very chalky with a touch of clay facing South and South East. The cultivation of the soil is traditional with regular ploughing of the soils, no pesticides used and the greatest care is given to the vines with special attention to palissage and pruning.

All Egly Ouriet Cuvees spend at least 3 years in the cellars before being marketed. The autolysis of the yeasts in the meantime is one of the reasons why Egly Ouriet wines display such an appealing complexity. At the same time, they increase their aging potential. As a consequence, theses wines help to understand the terroir better as wines gain in purity and complexity with time. Last but not least, the dosages are very low.