Cave de Tain

Located between Valence and Lyon, Cave de Tain lies at the foot of the Hermitage hillside. At the heart of the historic northern Rhône vineyards, the Cave produces and markets 5 “cru” wines and single varietal Vins de Pays from over 1000 hectares of vines (appellations Hermitage, Crozes Hermitage, Saint Joseph, Cornas and Saint Peray), making it the leading producer of “cru” wines in the northern Rhône Valley. The Crozes Hermitage appellation is the Cave de Tain specialty, since it produces nearly 50% of it.

The Cave de Tain owns 21 hectares in the prestigious Hermitage appellation. The Cave purchased the original domaines of Louis Gambert de Loche, winery founder. Since 1994, a prestige cuvée from Hermitage plot selections bears his name, as a tribute to a great man who was passionate about viticulture. The Gambert de Loche domaine has expanded over the last 30 years and covers the diverse “terroirs “ of Hermitage, particularly on the so called “lieux-dits”: Les Bessards, Gros des Vignes, L’Hermite, Le Méal, Les Greffieux, La Beaume, Les Murets, La Croix, Les Signaux and l’Homme. The Cave de Tain produces a quarter of the HERMITAGE appellation and is thus able to express both its quintessence and the subtlety of its multiple facets, thanks to the quality of work in the vineyard and the skills of its winemakers.

Crozes Hermitage is cultivated on stony, filtering soils in the southern part of the vineyard, and on granite dominated soils to the north. This vineyard surrounds the slopes of Hermitage. This is the largest appellation (in surface area) in the northern Rhône Valley. Ten times larger than Hermitage, it offers a great variety of terroirs that produce perfectly harmonious cuvées after blending by the Cave de Tain winemakers. Cave de Tain produces nearly half the appellation : Crozes Hermitage is its specialty.
Saint Joseph grows on small, granite terraces facing the south and south-west, on the eastern edge of the Massif Central mountain range. Spanning a large area from North to South, over about fifty kilometres, Saint Joseph is the second largest vineyard in the northern Rhône valley. In this appellation, Cave de Tain selects exceptional plots, from old vines located on steep slopes with ideal exposure. Vinified separately, they compose the Saint Joseph Esprit de Granit.